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أخبار عاجلة

He taught us the best of God’s creation that treat people with utter by their tongues

Islamic law seeks to liberate people from all types of slavery to God Almighty has made the issue of faith and infidelity issue between the person and his Lord … He taught us the best of God’s creation that treat people with utter by their tongues and not to judge the hearts of creation and not to assess the Inquisition of the believer and the unbeliever, there is no He knows what is in the hearts Lord of the worlds … only us and God shall apparent beds, a unit of slaves held accountable. As for what the terrorist organizations now atone all go against them, and anyone who is not pursuing his approach is a bloody excesses nothing to do with the religion of God, not from near or far. They violate everything that came with the teachings of Islam explicit in this regard, the Messenger of Allah, warned that the Muslim disbelieves brother or appropriating his blood, or be intimate with his money and Ardh.ttaleg group Takfiri the term of infidelity and apostasy on the Muslim masses who violate their views extreme A_hawwa killing them and destroying their homes! Where gleaned these teachings?! Prophet has been known (peace be upon him) belief in the right to speak when asked by Jibreel (peace be upon him): «faith to believe in God and his angels and his books and his messengers and the other day and as much good and evil» (Bukhari and Muslim), were unanimous in the nation to the faith of the heart does not go out However, it denies that enter it. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him): «whatever a man said to his brother, O faithless lost by one B.» (Sahih Bukhari,5/2264).
 Writen by yousef kamal

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